Our core competency is clarifying complex or unclear work and information, converting that to know-how, and then transferring capability to selected employees. Our services include

  • Process or Work Analysis
  • Development Paths, Capability Models, and Information Architectures
  • References, Tools, Performance Support Solutions
  • eLearning and Traditional Training
  • Qualification or Certification Systems and Instruments
  • Other Consulting

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Process or Work Analysis

Understanding the work is central to improving performance. The work includes the output(s), key tasks, supporting capabilities, and tools. It also includes what goes wrong...typical errors, difficulties, and other obstacles to performance. We start most projects by looking at the work process to ensure our solution will support or improve performance on-the-job. We typically facilitate an in-person or web-meeting to

Development Paths, Capability Models, and Information Architectures

Ensure that the capabilities your organization needs to compete are available in the workplace. Manage the "supply chain" for those capabilities.

These show what people need to know. Behind the scenes, design an architecture of the information (the components of training, documentation, structured work experience, and even small task videos) so that content and media assets can be shared/re-used.



References, Tools, Performance Support Solutions

References and tools reduce training and coaching by building expertise into the work environment.

  • Web portal to integrate operational and learning resources
  • Performance metrics
  • Procedure guides and work instructions
  • Reminders, prompts, posters
  • Decision tools
  • Reference/"look-up" information
  • Demo videos

We build physical and virtual references and tools that fit the work tasks and are easy to navigate, formatted for rapid use, and accurate.


eLearning and Traditional Training

Learning only matters when it is used to do something. We find the shortest (and most reliable) path to capability.

Effective learning doesn't depend on the latest technology. The key to effective learning is a sound instructional process involving content, examples, and application practice followed by feedback and verified through testing.

Qualification or Certification Systems and Instruments

It isn't always enough to train people and then assume they can perform. You may need to observe them "putting the whole thing together" on the job.

Qualification instruments are a tool for supervisors to observe and document capability consistently and fairly. These tools can also help employees understand what is most critical about their performance. These tools define what is expected and if expectations are met.



Other Consulting

We often create projects to address specific business needs.

We have worked with companies to

We can create a project to help you meet an end goal, such as reducing the learning/training time or meeting regulatory requirements.

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